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The science behind: This blog


As I kid, I always had a wild imagination. Truth be told, I still do. I had the weirdest questions, but not enough courage to ask them.

So, I'm going to be using this blog as a diary. Where I ask myself questions and then I answer them. I'm going to unravel the secrets behind everyday things.

Recently, the world has gone through a lot of change. It has made me realize that the things that we were used to seeing everyday, won't happen someday. It made me ask a question "How did we all get used to seeing the same things everyday?"

When did we get used to seeing the same things everyday? Is it something we start to develop as kids? Why do I do a double take when I see an Eagle, but not even blink an eye when I see a Sparrow?

I will use this blog to answer all of my questions. My fellow writers will write about their curiosity. Along the way, if you have questions to ask or answers please let us know. Anonymous articles will also be welcome!

Let the journey begin!

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