Enervate: The bad type of tired

Sentence: The first week of school is enervating.

Now I know you're all wondering why I said the first week of school. The first week is the easiest, right? Or is it?

We don't learn much the first week, rather it's all "behavior is important." "Your grades matter." "This is how the class works." It drains out energy. That is what enervated means. Some days, do you just feel like flopping down on your bed and doing absolutely nothing? That means you're enervated (or just straight-up lazy). There are different kinds of tired. There is the "I ran 20 miles tired." Next up is "I studied for four hours tired." Then comes "It's hot outside, so I'm tired." The last one is being enervated. The bad type of tired. It's the feeling where you feel drained of your energy, even if you haven't done a lot of physical/mental activity.

So next time your parents call you out for being lazy, just say that you're enervated. It's like a fancy way of saying "I haven't done anything, but I'm tired."

Until next week...

Stay Curious ;)



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