Cerulean: A deep dark blue

Sentence: Cerulean is just a fancy way of saying blue.

Even though you could say "it's blue", there's a certain satisfaction that at least I get when saying "it's cerulean". It's a beautiful word. Cerulean. Cerulean. Words like these are often used by authors to illustrate scenes or characters. Cerulean skies. Emerald green orbs. Ivory skin. Cherry red lips. They could very well say blue skies, green eyes, pale skin, and red lips, but that just takes the fun out of it.

So try describing the world around you in fancy colors. Use words like bubblegum pink, boysenberry purple, denim blue, and shamrock green. Who knows? Maybe the world will look a little bit more interesting that way.

Until next week...

Stay Curious ;)



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