Anachronism: Something that is out of date; irrelevant

Pronunciation: uh·na·kruh·ni·zm

Sentence: Portable CD players are but an anachronism.

It's quite hilarious really, hearing your parents talking about the "good old days". Things that seem uncool or weird to us may have been trends back then.

Be it black and white cable, having to develop pictures you took, or even those neon tracksuits (*shudder) it seems unimaginable to us now why anyone would be satisfied with what used to be.

However, if you think about it people in the future will think that we did was silly. Maybe the future generation will make fun of how our cars didn't fly or that we actually had to get up to open our windows. Then, our trends will be anachronisms.

But what can ya do?

Until next week...

Stay Curious ;)



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