Coalesce: To come together; to unite

Pronunciation: co-uh-less

Sentence: Usually, it's the bad experiences that help communities coalesce.

Our current circumstances are not great. There are people dying every day. More than usual. Due to the virus or protests.

How can we focus on the positive when it seems like there is no positive to focus on?

"When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change."

Instead of seeing the bad, try a different perspective.

Instead of saying "The protests are only causing violence, and people are getting hurt," try "Our community cares about each other enough to do something about it. These protests will cause communities of color to coalesce."

Instead of saying "The virus has closed school down, and we are all stuck in boredom forever," try "This virus has taught us the value of friendships and of unity, and how our smallest decisions affect each other."

Thinking about the positive does not make the negative disappear. It does not mean that the bad is untrue or unimportant. It simply means that there is a brighter side to focus on.

Until next week...

Stay Curious ;)



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