Egalitarian: A person who believes that every person should have equal rights and be treated equally.

Sentence: Martin Luther King Jr was an egalitarian because he stood up for justice.

In today's world, there are many problems, the most obvious being the global pandemic and the least obvious being human rights. It is absurd, isn't it? Humans have to stand up against their own kind for their rights. Thanks to Martin Luther King Jr and Abraham Lincoln, African Americans are being treated better than they used to be. Being the book-worm that I am, I've read many books on racism in modern days. Now if this term shocks you, then you need to open up a news app. Many people claim that racism is a thing of the past and that it is not present in society anymore. Well...

Many books, The Hate You Give, Anger is a Gift, and Dear Martin being just a few examples, are based on racism.

In a world where humans are turning against each other, I believe that we all need to be egalitarians.


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