Nefelibata: A cloud walker; someone who doesn’t live by the rules of society.

Pronunciation: ne-fe-LE-ba-ta

Sentence: There was only one word to describe her personality-Nefelibata.

Originating from Portuguese words- ‘Nefele,’ meaning cloud, and ‘batha,’ meaning a place where you can walk- this word describes the rebels of society or the kind of people that live in their own world. In today’s world, there are many rules in society. These norms, although created to maintain peace, often hold us back. I’m almost jealous of the people that don’t live by the rules. Now, I’m one who likes order. I’m always organized, and I like to plan ahead, but every once in a while, I do imagine what it would be like if I just threw everything up in the air. The people who live in a world of their own imagination are usually happy people. We’re taught in school that if you live inside your own little world, you won’t achieve much outside. But what would you choose? A successful, but difficult business that earns you billions of dollars or a happy, simple life with just enough money to live by?

A very wise person once said: “If you’re happy with what you do, then no one can say that you’re not successful.”

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