Anthropogenic: Caused by human intervention

Sentence: Climate change is anthropogenic.

It's no doubt humans have had a massive effect on planet Earth. We've created and destroyed so much that an entire era was named after us.

There are 8.7 million species on Earth. We are just one. We are one species out of 8.7 million on one planet in one solar system in the whole galaxy!

However, we've changed the way the Earth works. We've created things like mobile phones, and cars. We've built skyscrapers and big cities. We've killed off entire groups of animals. We've destroyed forests. We've polluted the oceans. We've tried to clean up the oceans.

And that's just in recent history!

In the lengthy history of the Earth, we're only a small fragment of what existed and what will exist, but we've left a pretty solid impression on this planet!

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