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Tiera Fletcher

Can you imagine a 22-year old working for NASA?

Well, 22-year old Tiera Fletcher defied all odds when she started working as a Rocket Structural Design and Analysis Engineer for the Space Launce System. As a senior at MIT, she designed and analyzed parts of a rocket, and "she believed it would be the biggest and most powerful in history", according to MIT Black History. In 2017, she graduated from MIT with a 5.0 GPA.

In an interview, she claimed that as a child, she always loved innovating and calculating. She was eleven-years-old when she decided that she would be an aerospace engineer. Tiera also said that her parents played a key role in her life. Her mom would get her to calculate everything, and her dad helped her learn how to measure things.

Tiera is a great role model for all the girls out there who are interested in math and science. She strongly supports female participation in the field of engineering.

There are numerous women in the field of science who are super under-rated. It seems that these days the only scientists that anyone knows about are Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison. The field is of science is so much broader, and there's so much to discover!

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