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Why Dogs Are Tamer Than Wolves

Updated: May 2, 2020

We know that dogs are the descendants of wolves but they are much better pets than wolves. What makes dogs different? Most importantly, why are dogs tamer than wolves? Keep on reading to find out the truth about the dogs...

The difference between the dog and the wolf

There are some variations between the wolf and the dog. Some are in appearances. Others are in behavior. Wolves are independent animals. They hunt down prey on their own. What made them so reliable on humans? Well, according to a documentary, some wolf packs started to adapt to the human environment. Humans also found uses for them and soon trained them to bend to our will. The wolves protected and hunted down animals and in return, the humans gave some food to them and a place to stay. These wolves were tameable. Other wolves packs didn’t rely on the humans. Instead, those packs were independent; more like the wolf packs, you will see today. After a while, the tamed wolves’ appearances started to change. Their head started getting smaller and their snout started getting smaller. This was the first dog.

The skull of the first dog

The similarities between the dog and the wolf

There are a few similarities between the dog and the wolf. One of the similarities is that they both sense the fact that teamwork works better than being alone. The wolves’ survival is based upon teamwork and that has been passed down to dogs. A team of scientists experimented on both wolves and dogs. The experiment was that they could only get this treat using a teamwork effort. The experiment showed us that both dogs and wolves knew that they needed someone’s help to get the treat.

Why does this make dogs tamer than wolves? Well, dogs are used to being near humans so they are naturally tamed. We know that this happened when wolves started to help humans. They became used to the humans that their appearances also started to change. They started to look friendlier. Dogs are tamer than wolves because they are used to living around humans and that is what makes a dog different from wolves. That’s all because of those wolf packs who adapted to the human environment.

This shows us just how powerful humans are and how wide-spread our impact is. Can you imagine? We tamed some of the wildest species on this planet to bend to our will. Even today, humans have still managed to stay on top of the food chain.

Have you heard of the phrase: “A dog is a man’s best friend?” Well, it seems pretty hard to believe that some time ago. But now, we have done something that is revolutionary; we created the first dogs.

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Sources: Dog Tales by Nova (documentary)

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