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The Science Behind: Vaccines

Cover Page: Khushi Bhatia

During the current pandemic, a lot of us may be wondering, "When will the vaccine for the Covid-19 be here?" "When will this pandemic end??" "When will we be able to get our vaccinations?" Although, have you ever wondered, what exactly are vaccines? What makes vaccines so powerful? How do vaccines really work? Well then, you have reached the right place because this article should burn your curiosity on vaccines.

Basics of Vaccines

Vaccines are made of the same germs that cause the disease. But, they don't make you sick since the germs have been weakened or killed.

How do Vaccines work

A vaccine triggers your body to produce antibodies so that it could fight the disease. Most medicines are made so that they treat or cure the diseases, but vaccines are made so that they could prevent the germs from entering your body. In order to know how vaccines work, we first need to understand how the immune system works. Once a bacteria which causes illness enters your body, there are many white blood cells working to fight against this bacteria. Only a particular cell can fight against the bacteria. This process usually takes days and during this time there might be billions of disease-causing bacteria in your body. Once the right white blood cells are found they start making a lot of antibodies that start to kill the bacteria and your body starts to recover. The same thing goes for vaccines, your body would start to make antibodies before the germs have even entered your body. This way, you would get healed before you get the disease.

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Khushi Bhatia
Khushi Bhatia
Aug 21, 2020

Thanks! 😊


Such a relevant piece of information at this point. Amazing read 👌👌


Khushi Bhatia
Khushi Bhatia
Aug 14, 2020

Thank you!! 😊❤


I learn something every time I read your blog.

This was crisp and well articulated. Excellent Khushi. Keep it Up!


You have explained it so very well Khushi! Getting to learn something new every time. Really look forward to your next blog now 👌👍

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