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The Science Behind: The Color Green

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Yes, this blog post is about green. Weird, right? But the question I wonder about is "why the color green is good for your eyes?" I came upon this question recently and ever since then, I have been wondering about it. It also kind of makes sense; Plants are the color green and they are good for the planet so there must be some connection between why plants are green and why the color green is good for our eyes. And like always, science is involved...

According to CNN, our eyes are able to see green better than the other colors. That's because of how light reaches our eyes. The human eye interprets waves of light into color. That's how we see color. When we see colors, the cones in our eyes are able to process the wavelengths and that's what tells the brain what color we are seeing.

Look at the photo above. Doesn't it calm your eyes a little bit?


Humans are trichromats. That means that we recognize three primary colors: blue, green and red. The retina in a human eye can detect light between the wavelengths of 400 and 700 nanometers, a range that scientists know as the visible spectrum. Each primary color ties into a different wavelength, starting with blue (the lowest with 400 nanometers) and red at the highest (700 nanometers).

In the middle of the spectrum lies the color green, at around 555 nanometers. This wavelength is where our perception is at its best. Because of its at the center of the spectrum, both blue and red light waves are understood better with the help of green waves.

Now, let's get back to the question; why is the color green good for our eyes? After doing some research, I finally found an answer; the color green can absorb harmful UV rays of strong light. Green is considered as a light color and light colors are calming to the eye. That's why looking at the color green calms some people down. It could also be that the color is calming because of how easily our eyes can see the color green. But, that doesn't mean that green protects your eyes. It just leads to overall good health.

If you ever feel stressed out, look at some plants that are green. That would calm you down. One more mystery is solved. If you have any suggestions please list it in the suggestion box! Thanks and until next time...



Anvi Deshpande

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