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The Science Behind: Sound (Cover- Sara Chaudhari)

Ever wonder how you hear stuff? Or how your ears work? Well, then you have reached the perfect place because this article is all about Sound!

What is Sound?

Sound is the energy things produce when they vibrate or move back and forth quickly. For example, when you bang a drum, the drum starts to vibrate at a very high speed, usually, it is so fast that you can’t see the vibration. It forces the air around it to start vibrating as well. As the air moves, it carries the energy from the drum in all directions. When the air inside your ears starts vibrating due to the energy from the drum, that’s when you began to perceive the vibrating drum as a sound.

Why can’t you hear things far away as clearly?

Sounds waves lose energy as they travel which is why you can hear things at a close distance rather than a far one.

Why are there different types of sounds?

This is because waves aren’t identical. So each wave has a different sound.

What is the speed of sound?

The speed of sound in air (at sea level) is about 1220 km/h (760 mph or 340 meters per second). Compared to light waves, sound waves are really slow. This is why you see lightning before you can hear it.

Riddles: What EM wave am I?

Question: With me, there is music but without any instruments. What am I?

Answer: Radio

Question: I have a sound that goes beep and while the time I do keep, my main function is to heat. What am I?

Answer: Microwave

Question: I am not heavy at all, but you can't carry me. What am I?

Answer: Light

If you have any questions, please let me know and I will reach back to you as soon as possible.

That’s all for today. See you next time!




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