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The Science Behind: Reality Shifting (Part 2)

Welcome back!

If you’re reading this make sure you’ve read Part 1!

To review, shifting is the act of moving from one consciousness to another, from your ‘current reality’ to your ‘desired reality’.

However, magic always comes with a price, and for this experience, the price is an immense amount of focus. There isn’t one specific way or method to get to your DR. As promised, let’s discuss the method to the madness.

The Raven Method:

First off, we must take a moment to appreciate the name. It sounds like the name of an eerie secret society.

This method includes laying in a starfish position and counting to 100. Sometimes it’s combined with subliminal messages and positive affirmations.

Additionally, you should meditate before or do anything that relaxes you. You should start to envision your DR building up around you.

Sounds simple enough right?

It’s one of the popular methods on TikTok and you can even find tutorials. Does it really work? Or are you just lucid dreaming? Well according to the internet, when you dream, your subconscious is still in your CR, but shifting physically takes your mind to a different place.

The Alice in Wonderland Method:

Hey! Another great name!

This method includes meditating and imagining yourself sitting under a tree. Next, you wait for someone from your DR to run past you at which point you chase them down your personal rabbit hole.

The Train Method:

Meh… this one is kind of obvious.

You’re supposed to imagine yourself at a train station and catch the train that heads to your DR. When you wake up you should have arrived in your DR.

The Staircase Method:

As the name suggests, imagine yourself at the bottom of a staircase and as you climb up listen to or say positive affirmations, and at the top, you should find your DR.

Now that we know some methods, let’s discuss why they would potentially work. By the way, there are MANY other methods you can research online. There are entire blogs, Instagram accounts, and TikToks dedicated to helping you achieve your perfect reality.

A Nashville-based psychiatrist says that reality shifting might be a form of self-hypnosis. She claims that altered states of consciousness aren’t a new thing, except in the past it was achieved by taking drugs.

However, the new phenomenon is how many teenagers use it as a form of escapism. For our generation, there is no guarantee for even a relatively stable future *cough climate change cough*. As Gen Zs continue to have existential crises in their youth, we continue to find ways to cope.

I personally believe no one should have an opinion on this topic. Or well, have STRONG opinions. Whether or not hardcore science supports it, it seems to pass the psychological test.

In this case, it was simply curiosity that encouraged me to research something new. After all, curiosity killed the cat...but satisfaction brought it back.

Until next time!

Stay curious <3




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