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The Science Behind: Philosophy (cover- Sara Chaudhari)

Have you ever had thoughts or questions like: Why am I here on Earth? What is my purpose? Why do I feel lost in the world I was brought up in?

It can be very frustrating,not being able to find answers to questions. But why do we think of questions like these in the first place?

To answer that question, we must look into philosophy.

What is philosophy? People describe philosophy as a "love of wisdom." In the most simple terms, philosophy is a certain way a person thinks about everything around them. Philosophical questions range anywhere from "Why do I do things the way I do?" to "Why do I feel the way I feel?". If you look at it that way, philosophy is literally everything. The idea of philosophy is so complex that even scientists are having trouble to find the root cause of certain thoughts a person can have.

Here is the truth. There is no "answer" for any philosophical questions you have. Let me explain. Philosophy can be broken down into three topics: Epistemology, Metaphysics, and Value Theory.

Epistemology- the study of knowledge and nature (How do I know I know something?)

Metaphysics- the study of nature's reality (What is the truth about life?)

Value Theory- consists of ethics and aesthetics (Is what I'm doing right or wrong?)

If your question lies in any of the topics above, it is a philosophical question.

Keep thinking,


And remember, not everything has a "right" answer...




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