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The Science Behind: Exercise

Exercise is beneficial as it helps keep you fit and healthy. Unfortunately, some people don't favor the idea of exercising. This article will explain why you should exercise every day. If you are someone who thinks that exercise does not matter, then I hope after reading the article, you will see how important it is.

What happens to the brain, heart, and body when you exercise?

When you exercise, many parts of your body are communicating, and they all get affected. Since your body needs more oxygen when exercising (and blood provides oxygen for all body parts), your heart rate and blood flow increase. Your heart becomes healthier when it pumps more blood. Exercise also causes cell growth in the hippocampus- a part of the brain that controls memory and learning. When exercising, your body burns fat to produce the energy needed for your muscles to keep working. When it does so, your body produces chemical reactions that create heat and increase your body temperature.

Unfortunetly, this doesn't count!

What are the benefits of exercise?

There are many benefits of exercise. One benefit is it helps our brains adapt to stress, reducing the stress altogether. A study concluded that exercise- particularly moderate aerobic exercise- can also boost spatial memory (memories related to area, space, or direction). Team sports, which are a type of exercise, can improve social skills. Other benefits include improving your mood and increasing the likelihood that you will live longer.

Fun Fact: Exercising often (especially cardio) improves brain performance.

What are some of the disadvantages of not doing exercise?

When you don't exercise often, your muscles weaken, and you gain weight (which can lead to obesity). Less exercise can lead to high blood pressure, heart attacks, a higher risk of cancer, and type-two diabetes. Lastly, not exercising enough means your heart does not get the stimulus it needs, so it is not very strong.

So, if you once thought that exercise was fruitless, I hope this article showed you how crucial it is. Remember, exercise every day!






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