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The Science Behind: Brain Dominance (cover - Sara Chaudhari)

Have you ever wondered whether you're more creative or more logical? I know I've wondered that innumerable times. How do I know if I'm artistic or analytic? What do you call this concept of different types of people? It’s possible many of you have had the same questions, so I'll try to answer them. 

You might have heard that there are two sides of the brain- the right brain and the left brain. Many people think what type of person you are directly relates to the dominant side of your brain. This concept is called brain dominance. But this concept is just a theory, as are most concepts related to the brain. According to this theory, the right brain is the creative side of the brain. The more analytical and logical side of the brain is the left brain. These two sides of the brain are often called the "hemispheres" of the brain. 

As I mentioned above, the right-brain manages more creative thoughts and emotions. Some of the skills correlated with the right-brain are conveying emotions, crafting music, the ability to be creative, the use of imagination, respecting the art of color, recognizing a face, and interpreting facial expressions and emotions. Some of the abilities correlated with the left-mind are using language, thinking critically, calculating and number related thoughts, and reasoning. 

90% of the population is right-handed, meaning they prefer to use their right hand over their left. Is brain dominance like that as well? No, it isn't. You don't use each side of the brain at different times, but both together. Both sides of the brain are equally strong.

So, if you're doing math, does the creative right-brain still get used? Yes. It doesn't matter if you are operating logical or abstract thoughts- both hemispheres of the brain suggest information to you. Bundles of nerve fibers connect, which link both hemispheres making a connection between the two sides of the mind. Every problem or action needs suggestions and information from the right-mind and the left-mind. For example, when playing an instrument, you need to know mathematics because notes are fractions. But your right-brain is also involved because music is an art, and the right-brain handles all things art-related. 

To summarize, the idea that a creative person only uses the right side of the brain, and a logical person only uses the left side of their brain, is false. No one is really right-brained or left-brained, as all thoughts include input from both hemispheres of the brain. 

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