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Project Science

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Hey everyone,

Our blog is launching a smaller project called "Project Science". There are sooooo many people in the field of science that do so much for our world but go unrecognized.

These scientists discover so much, now it's time for us to discover them.

This is an open door for everyone to write an article about their favorite scientist. It could be someone who didn't get due credit or someone who wasn't recognized at all.

Don't have writing skills?

Send us a suggestion and one of the skilled writers on our team can help you out.

You can choose to have your work published as anonymous.

If you wish to inquire further into this project, contact me at - or leave us a note in our suggestion box.

Dig deep!

Stay Curious ;)




1 comentário

Sarah Masih
Sarah Masih
03 de jun. de 2020

Here's some example of overlooked scientists: Francis Crick, William Buckland, and Jose Delgado.

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