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How You Hear Things (The Process)

When someone asks you how you hear sounds and other things then your answer would be " I hear it from my ears" but do you guys know the process of how you hear sounds. Today I will tell you all the information on what happens after the sound wave enters your ear.

When sound waves are produced, they enter through your outer ear and then travel to a thin passage called the ear canal, which then takes you to the eardrum.

Then, when reaching the eardrum. The eardrum vibrates due to the incoming sound and then sends this to three small bones in the middle ear. The 3 bones located in the middle ear are called Malleus, Incus, and Stapes.

Then the three bones in the ear increase the sound vibrations and send them to another part of the ear called the Cochlea, which is basically a snail-shaped structure that is filled with liquids.

After the vibration has caused the liquid in the Cochlea to ripple then it causes a traveling wave. The hair cells near the Cochlea then detect high-pitched sounds.

Then as the hair cells are moving up and down, a microscopic hair-like projection called the stereocilia the perches on top of the hair cells which then causes the hair cells to bump into an overlying structure and then bend. The bending cause pore-like channels which are at the top of the stereocilia to open up. When that happens it causes chemicals to rush into the cells, creating an electric signal.

The auditory nerve then carries this electrical signal to the brain which finally turns into a sound that we recognize and understand.



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