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Facts and Things You Should Know About Coronavirus

How many more cases does America have? America has a whopping 34,275,518 total cases which is 375 times the number of cases China has and is also 25% of the world’s total cases.

This virus is spreading very quickly and is getting more dangerous day by day. Millions of people have lost their lives and there is still more to come. This period of time is probably the worst period of time in recent history. Many people have lost their homes, jobs, and family members, and are heartbroken.

That’s not it, this virus has been mutating, and now there is a new variation of covid 19 which has been spreading throughout some parts of the world. Scientists are still figuring out whether the new virus is weaker than the last one or stronger. It is found to have originated from India. Its official name is B.1.617, some people also call it the “Double Mutant” but in reality this virus carries 13 mutants!

The good news is that many companies around the world are finally coming up with vaccines. The doctors and front-line workers have already been vaccinated with their first and second doses. The priority after the front line workers are old aged people, who are 50 years or older, then it is children over the age of 12! Progress is coming quickly, and we are finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I have a question for you: Are you a hero? You must be thinking to yourselves, how can I be a hero? Well, the answer is very simple, but the action might be tough. You just have to always stay 6 feet away from people, always wear a mask, sanitize your hands often, and avoid gathering with people. Every time you don’t follow any of these directions, you are putting your life as well as other lives in danger. Though the vaccines are here, we still need to follow these precautions until everyone gets vaccinated. Think about others, if not yourself, stay safe and good luck. We are almost there!

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