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Happy Art

At HappyArt we believe it is important for people to know what is happening around our world right now, which is why we partnered with TSB. TSB has been making a difference during these times by informing people of basic information one needs to know during this pandemic. 


HappyArts' sole mission is to help seniors, especially during this pandemic, since they have been the most affected during COVID-19. We are grateful that the writers at The Science behind are informing people and teaching people that this pandemic is deadly and we NEED to learn the science behind it to stay safe and healthy. 


Calling all artists! HappyArt is a teenage-run organization founded by Aditi Balakrishna, at the beginning of the pandemic. We help make beautiful homemade cards for senior centers. We knew that seniors were getting affected by this pandemic, and we thought, “Shouldn’t we be helping by spreading some happiness and kindness?” After that one thought, we were able to make more than 140 cards and we have been fortunate enough to partner with organizations such as Little Brothers as well. Our mission is to put a smile on every single senior's face! We would love it if you could check us out at our website, and help us by making beautiful cards for those who need some happiness in their lives.

                           - Aditi Balakrishna

                                     ( Founder)

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