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Over the course of the last couple years, Covid-19 had waged a war with all of humanity. All over the world, thousands were suffering, thousands were dying, thousands more, such as us, were hiding at home. In the midst of this pandemic, we took initiative to donate masks to frontline workers and people in need. We started off small with two people and grew into a huge team, supplying over 400 masks and other essential PPE.

After supplies become more available and Covid-19 slowed to an end, we realized that we wanted to do more for our world and expanded our vision for our organization beyond the pandemic. Now, Epidemically is an organization that aims to tackle a variety of "epidemics" in our society by raising awareness and taking action. Every year, we set a goal to address 3 major issues in our society, dedicating 4 months to each problem. In these 4 months, we create awareness by writing articles and posting infographics, as well as hosting an event at the e

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