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One Mask, One Life, One World

During this pandemic, it is important that everyone does their share to help the community. This is why TSB partnered up with OMOLOW, another teenage-run organization that makes masks for frontline workers. Read below to find out more about these change-makers. 

OMOLOW is a non-profit organization founded by Ishita Aggarwal and Ishita Baghel, two teenagers dedicated to helping the community by sewing masks for frontline healthcare workers, essential workers, and others in need. 


They’ve already made over a hundred masks and delivered them to hospitals in many hot-spot areas around California. Their goal is to make 300+ masks and distribute them amongst the many doctors and nurses working diligently during this pandemic. Though they have been working well so far, they would greatly benefit and appreciate YOUR help!


Step up, become a mask-maker, a donor, or even make simple cards to help aid our ailing community!


If you want to join OMOLOW and do something to help your community during this crisis, find more details at their website: 


One Mask, One Life, One World, is dedicated to helping out our communities, so all they need is some love, a pinch of passion, and a few stitches from your side! Join now and help us make our world a better, safer place. 

If you have any questions/comments contact us at: 


And don’t forgot to follow us Instagram at one_mask_one_life_one_world! 


Thank you!