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Grammar Rules 101

"Grammar is... a pole you grab to get your thoughts up on their feet and walking." - Stephen King


Grammar is the foundation of language, yet people don't seem to care much about it. You don't know how many times I have heard people say "Ew, grammar" or "Grammar doesn't matter" or something else along those lines, clearly illustrating that they do not know enough about the subject to appreciate it. Writing is seen as a profound art--if you tell someone you're a published author, they will probably lionize you--but grammar, the plinth of writing, is considered boring. 


Perhaps this is because grammar is a difficult subject: like most languages, the rules of English grammar have dozens of exceptions and seem unnecessary. However, anything can be made fun and easy to learn if you're as passionate about it as I am about grammar. 


What I'm coming to say is that I originally started this blog for me--because I wanted to go the extra mile and stretch my knowledge of grammar--but I recently decided to market my blog in order to reduce the stigma surrounding the field of grammar and inspire others to learn more about it as well. 


I post weekly grammar posts and daily vocabulary words on my website! 


Check Grammar Rules 101 out:

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